Perfect pants for periods, pelvic floor & post maternity

We've got your back covered

Your life is full on, so we've made one less thing to worry about, giving you extra time when you need it most.

  • Lightweight & super soft
  • Secret waterproof panel to protect clothing & bedding
  • Machine washable
  • Look and feel exactly like your favourite pants
How they work
We've got your back covered
Bibi, West Sussex
They are so light & pretty no one else would know you are wearing protective underwear... an absolute necessity in our house!
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From us to you

Created by TV presenter Carol Smillie and tennis star Annabel Croft, DiaryDolls are lightweight, super soft and contain a secret waterproof panel giving you extra protection for life's little leaks. These pretty pants are perfect for heavy periods, pelvic floor weakness and post maternity peace of mind.

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  • QVC
  • Alliance Healthcare
  • Debenhams